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FREE 16th Anniversary Cassette Tape

April 27, 2015 3:23 pm

Our sweet sixteenth anniversary celebrations continue. If you’re in the U.S., head to your local indie record store to see if they are carrying a FREE Carpark cassette: The Best Carpark Compilation In The World…Ever!  Complete tracklist + list of participating stores below. carparktape_triptych 1. Toro Y Moi; “Empty Nesters” 2. Speedy Ortiz; “Raising the Skate” 3. Cloud Nothings; “I’m Not Part of Me” 4. Dan Deacon; “The Crystal Cat” 5. Beach House; “Master OF None” 5. TEEN; “Tied Up Tied Down” 7. Memory Tapes; “Sheila” 8. Skylar Spence; “Fiona Coyne” 9. GRMLN; “Jaded” 10. Young Magic; “Sparkly” 11. Montag; “True Love” 12. Class Actress; “Weekend” 13. Dog Bite; “Forever, Until” 14. Chandos; “Cobra Points” 15. Greys; “Guy Picciotto” 16. Popstrangers; “Country Kills” 17. Casino Versus Japan; “Aquarium” 18. Marumari; “Baby M” 19. So Takahashi; “Pms 185c (M72, Y43)” 20. Adventure; “Feels Like Heaven” 21. Signer; “Building Memories Without You” 22. Greg Davis; “Curling Pond Woods” 23. EAR PWR; “Super Animal Bros. III” Other Music (New York, NY) Rough Trade  (Brooklyn, NY) Permanent Records (Brooklyn, NY) Turn It Up  (Northampton, MA) Exile On Main St  (Branford, CT) The Sound Garden (Baltimore, MD) Repo Records (Philadelphia, PA) Pure Pop (Burlington, VT) Crooked Beat (Washington, DC) Princeton Record Exchange (Princeton, NJ) Bull Moose (Portland, ME) Olympic Records (Providence, RI) Plan 9 (Richmond, VA) Easy Street (Seattle, WA) Music Millennium (Portland, OR) The Record Exchange (Boise, ID) Everyday Music (Oregon & Washington) Jackpot (Portland, OR) Boo Boo Records (San Luis Obispo, CA) Sonic Boom (Seattle, WA) aQuarius (San Francisco, CA) Music Saves (Cleveland, OH) Reckless (Chicago, IL) Permanent (Chicago, IL) Electric Fetus (Minneapolis, MN) Saki (Chicago, IL) Culture Clash (Toldeo, OH) Luna Music (Indianapolis, IN) Landlocked (Bloomington, IN) Omega (Dayton, OH) Shake It (Cincinnati, OH) Homer's (Omaha, NE) Strictly Discs (Madison, WI) Cactus Music (Houston, TX) End of An Ear (Austin, TX) Good Records (Dallas, TX) M-Theory (San Diego, CA) Origami Vinyl (LA, CA) Fingerprints (Long Beach, CA) Twist & Shout (Denver, CO) Mills Records (Kansas City, MO) Vintage Vinyl (St Louis, MO) Amoeba  (Hollywood, CA) Amoeba  (San Francisco, CA) Amoeba  (Berkeley, CA) Zia (Phoenix, AZ) Waterloo  (Austin, TX) Love Garden (Lawrence, KS) Criminal Records (Atlanta, GA) Disc Exchange  (Knoxville, TN) Park Ave CDs (Orlando, FL) Monster Music  (Charleston, SC) Grimey's (Nashville, TN) School Kids (Raleigh, NC) Oz Music  (Tuscaloosa, AL) Earshot (Winston-Salem, NC) Gravity Records  (Wilimington, NC) Daddy Kool Records (St Petersburg, FL) T-Bones (Hattiesburg, MS) The End OF All Music (Oxford, MS) CD Central (Lexington, KY) Lunchbox Records (Charlotte, NC) Radio Active (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

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