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Sonic Boom’s Latest Album “All Things Being Equal” out NOW!

June 5, 2020 10:09 am

This epic day has finally arrived – Sonic Boom’s latest album All Things Being Equal is out NOW! It has been an absolute honor to release Sonic Boom’s first album in over 20 years. Now it’s time to enjoy it in all of its glory. Listen to the album on your preferred digital streaming service HERE and order the album HERE as well.

Sonic Boom’s Peter Kember made waves as a member of Spacemen 3, released music as Spectrum and EAR, and collaborated with Panda Bear, MGMT, Beach House, and more. Listen to his latest album now:

Plus! Sonic Boom is doing a Reddit AMA June 8th @ 2pm est – don’t miss the opportunity to ask Sonic Boom your burning questions.

June 5th Label Proceeds from Bandcamp Will Be Donated to Black Lives Matter D.C

June 5, 2020 9:58 am

Along with Bandcamp who are waiving their service fees this Friday, Carpark Records will be donating all label proceeds from each Bandcamp sale on June 5th to Black Lives Matter DC

At Carpark Records, we stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.

The effect of white supremacy and unjust policing across the nation, and in the D.C area, is intolerable and has not been addressed for long enough. Today, June 5th, we will be donating all label proceeds from each Bandcamp purchase to Black Lives Matter DC. We want to support this local chapter of Black Lives Matter, which is dedicated to educational teach-ins, creating safe and joyous spaces for the black community, and facilitating organized resistance.

Urgent action needs to happen every day to work towards anti-racism. Especially as a record label, we are indebted to the contributions of black artists and musicians who are behind all genres and landscapes of music. Going on beyond this Friday, we as a label will hold ourselves accountable to make efforts towards anti-racism every day. This includes calling local legislators, reading and engaging in black literature and anti-racist texts, and participating in critical dialogue with our communities and family members. We urge everyone to do the same.

– The Carpark Family

More about Black Lives Matter DC:

“Over past 3 years, Black Lives Matter DC has grown from an idea hashed out by a small group of relative strangers in the basement of MLK library to a leaderful ecosystem of artists, activists, organizers and healers committed to liberation. We’ve shut down highways and built communities of love and support all in the name of Black Liberation. Over time, our core programming has expanded from monthly weeks of action to weekly Black only healing sessions, monthly coordinating meetings & open houses, art and activist community building, and cultivating a rapid response team.”

Read more HERE

More organizations that could use your support:

Donate to across 70+ bail funds here:

Carpark Artist Live Stream & COVID-19 Updates

June 5, 2020 8:00 am

hello all,

we hope everyone is staying safe and peaceful during this tough time. we want to keep you updated with the latest on our artists and their tours and on the new opportunities for live stream concerts from our artists in the future. see below for more information.

love to you all <3

the carpark team


coming up

past livestreams


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  • ed schrader’s music beat: all march dates cancelled, april dates tbd
  • fat tony: dates are cancelled
  • melkbelly: dates are postponed for august
  • the mattson 2: remaining tour dates cancelled
  • rituals of mine: festival dates cancelled
  • emily reo: tour with soccer mommy postponed
  • palm: tour with real estate cancelled
  • the beths: spring north american tour is cancelled in being rescheduled asap

Listen to ‘Tawkin Tekno’ ahead of Sonic Boom’s LP Release

June 4, 2020 10:38 am

The last single is out before Sonic Boom’s full LP All Things Being Equal. Listen to ‘Tawkin Tekno’ along with a psychedelic music video that displays how life is created. The music video was animated by JP from Special Cases and dives into molecular biology and the interconnectedness of all forms of matter. Watch & listen to the single here:

Plus! Sonic Boom is doing a Reddit AMA June 8th @ 2pm est – don’t miss the opportunity to ask Sonic Boom your burning questions.

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