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Rituals Of Mine Drops “BURST (Skylar Spence Remix)”

February 5, 2020 10:46 am


Rituals Of Mine has shared another remix of “BURST” — finishing off an entire EP of remixes from their latest release SLEEPER HOLD. This time, “BURST” is reinvented by label-mate Skylar Spence, transforming the originally chilling, slick song into upbeat dance track.

SLEEPER HOLD was called both “beautiful” and “vulnerable” by Exclaim Magazine, so make sure to check out the EP of SLEEPER HOLD remixes here.

SLEEPER HOLD is available on physical and digital formats on the Carpark Shop or at your favorite retailer.


Melkbelly’s ‘PITH’ Out April 3rd on Wax Nine / Carpark Records

January 28, 2020 12:13 pm

It’s a marvelous day for all things Melkbelly. The band is releasing their next album PITH on Wax Nine – out April 3rd 2020. Along with the album announcement, Melkbelly released a music video for their first single ‘LCR’, which is out now on all platforms. And finally, they’re going on tour! Check out the tour dates below + pre-order the album here:

4/04 – Chicago, IL – Sleeping Village
4/22 – Toronto, ON – Baby G
4/23 – Montreal, QC – Le Ritz
4/24 – Providence, RI – Columbus Theater
4/26 – Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool
4/29 – Washington, DC – Comet Ping Pong
4/30 – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle
5/01 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Roboto Project


‘Magnifique’ by Fat Tony & Tadex out now on Afropunk!

January 22, 2020 12:42 pm

Afropunk has premiered Fat Tony’s latest single ‘Magnifique’ – a track from his upcoming album with producer Taydex called Wake Up out February 7th.

“Magnifique” is a bouncy groove about organizing a going-away party. I relocated from Los Angeles to Brooklyn in the summer of 2019 while working on Wake Up. My girlfriend and I threw a small party for ourselves that went swimmingly, but this song is about a party that gets out of hand. The dinner party in this song features friends fighting in your home, ashing on the floor, and more. Ultimately, you’re glad they came over, but you’re even happier you won’t be throwing a party like this anytime soon! The beat has that classic ~100 BPM Bay Area bounce. I always feel at home on a track like this.” – Fat Tony

Listen to it on Afropunk and pre-order the album here!

Also make sure to also check out Fat Tony on tour!

3/5 – Houston, Texas @ White Oak Music Hall
3/7 – Austin, Texas @ Empire Control Room
3/16 – 3/22 – Austin, Texas @ SXSW
4/17 – Montreal, Quebec @ La Vitrola
4/18 – Guelph, Ontario @ Kazoo Festival

‘Waterbirth’ by Laumė OUT NOW!

January 17, 2020 10:34 am

It’s born! The amazing album Waterbirth by Laumė is out NOW for the world to listen and enjoy.

Listen to the album that has been called “lush”, “existential”, & “bright” by streaming/ordering here:


“chill, sunny synth-pop…buoyant vibes.” – Billboard 
Waterbirth shows real genius in sound design. Every song is a lush synthetic jungle where tone grows and blooms into a new instrument at every turn….Waterbirth oozes with the passion of its creator.” – Exclaim! 
“dark existential lyrics with bright, 80s-reminiscent production full of arpeggiated, metallic synths and funky bass lines.” – FADER
“It’s taking me back to bloghouse tracks from the 2010s, in the best way. I’m hearing shades of Caribou, Washed Out, and Hot Chip and I like them all. I am under the spell.” – Refinery 29

Laumė Releases Music Video For ‘Voyeurs’ via Flood Magazine

January 13, 2020 11:09 am

We’re excited to share the official music video for Laumė’s ‘Voyeurs’ via Flood Magazine & directed by Rowan Pierce. This track is from her upcoming lp Waterbirth which will be out on January 17th.


“I wrote this song when I first moved to London around three years ago and was living by myself in one of those council estate buildings. It had been a while since I had experienced high-density living of that magnitude, with everyone living on top of everyone else. I remember looking out the window of the high rise, watching all these people I didn’t know go about their lives. It reminded me of studying Hitchcock’s Rear Window at university, and how in this kind of environment we are living our lives on a stage in front of everyone else, and equally, we are the audience (or voyeurs – a word which I use more broadly rather than specifically sexual, more the French ‘one who sees’) peeking out from our houses. Then I thought about how social media really just provides millions more windows to gawk through.

Not knowing many people in my new city I took to sharing my life over social media so I didn’t have to feel completely alone.  But many of these platforms now show you who or how many people are watching you, many of them complete strangers. It started to make me feel crap seeing how many people treated viewing as pure entertainment rather than wanting to interact and have a real human connection. I felt like I’d become a tv series for them to binge; an escape from their lives. I was craving connection and rarely got it. To expand the Hitchcock analogy, I thought of Norman Bates peering through the wall watching, one-way viewing only, non-reciprocal; the way it is for many content creators. Only we know we are doing it.

Then I realised it’s more like those vampire stories; you actually have to invite them in. But it’s all so alluring, it’s hard not to be sucked in. Social media is the charming, yet life-sucking vampire of our age. The algorithm is the narcissist; who doesn’t care about our livelihoods, but they’ll make damn sure we are dependant on them for it. So I suppose Voyeurs asks the question, how far do we want to go? 

So the video uses elements inspired by these foundational ideas to create a reflective piece on both social life and contrasting anti-social tendencies – something Rowan has done a wonderful job of capturing.” – Laumė


Take a look at the video and article out now on Flood Magazine & pre-order Waterbirth here

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