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Turning On (10th Anniversary Edition) by Cloud Nothings out now!

January 29, 2021 11:43 am

Cloud Nothings just released their 10 year anniversary reissue of their debut album “Turning On” and it’s out now on vinyl and also on streaming platforms. The digital version of the album comes along with four bonus tracks from tours during the band’s early days. 
Listen and purchase a copy here.
Check out the full track list here:
1. Can’t Stay Awake
2. Old Street
3. You Are Opening
4. Turning On
5. Hey Cool Kid
6. Water Turns Back
7. Whaddya Wanna Know
8. Real Thing
9. Strummin’
10. My Little Raygun
11. I Am Rooftop
12. Morgan
13. Another Man
14. Hey Cool Kid (Acoustic, Live for The FADER)
15. Can’t Stay Awake (Live at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY 6/24/10)
16. Turning On (Live at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY, 6/24/10)
17. Hey Cool Kid (Live at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY, 6/24/10)
The Turning On reissue also arrives ahead of their forthcoming album The Shadow I Remember out February 26th. Pre-order the album here.

Madeline Kenney Releases EP called Summer Quarter

January 22, 2021 10:06 am

On the heels of the release of her critically acclaimed album Sucker’s Lunch, Madeline Kenney returns today with a a glimmering and experimental EP titled Summer Quarter.

The EP is also Kenney’s first album that is completely self-produced. With touring cancelled following the release of Sucker’s Lunch, Kenney shifted focus to conducting a study of new sonic interests and experimental production, a rare opportunity that could only present itself as time slowed down.

The digital album is out now, along with limited-edition prints and a music video for “Wasted Time” shot at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.

“In making this music video, something inherently hands on and collaborative, I wanted to make the process not only safe and comfortable for dancers amidst a pandemic, but also celebratory of their talents and a venue for them to move/ create/ express themselves in a way they may have not gotten the chance to do in a long time. We were super lucky to get let into the Greek Theatre to film, and using the drone made it easier to shoot the dancers safely. Wasted Time is about making art and finding the process of selling that art to be the thing that kills it, and how hard it can be to create under duress and urgency. The dancers seemed to fully embrace that theme and run with it, and I wanted the video to show them running (or improvising) with it.”
– Madeline Kenney

Watch: “Wasted Time” music video
Buy/Stream: Summer Quarter

Dent May Releases New Music Video For “Imagination”

January 12, 2021 11:42 am

Today, Dent May releases an angelic new music video for his track “Imagination”, off his latest album Late Checkout. The video was shot entirely on an iPhone, by friend and collaborator Jimmy Whispers.

“Jimmy’s been one of my best friends ever since his old band came through to play my garage in Taylor, MS back in 2010. We’ve made a lot of music together since then, but this is our first visual collaboration. Jimmy shot this on his iPhone at Castaic Lake State Recreation Center in Los Angeles County and it features our friends Pearl & The Oysters, Kayla Monetta, Martin Isenberg and Simon The Dog.” – Dent May

Mariachi Remix of “Gambling Man” by Fat Tony Out Now

December 4, 2020 11:08 am

An amazing mariachi remix of “Gambling Man” by Fat Tony is out now. The track is performed by Mariachi Luz de Luna and is an incredible revision of the original track from Exotica. It’s on all streaming services and on Bandcamp, so take a listen or buy the track here:

Previously only available to Exotica scratch-off ticket holders, a la Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, Fat Tony has shared the mariachi edition of “Gambling Man,” the rap-fiction tale of a man named Johnny, who’s trying to win big, but can’t seem to get it right. Fat Tony enlisted Tucson-based mariachi band, Mariachi Luz de Luna, for a lush traditional sound. Finger-plucked harp, guitarrón, and vihuela lay the foundation for Tony’s spoken narrative in step with the trumpet’s melody and soaring violins. The band also makes an appearance in the official music video.

Of “Gambling Man” (Mariachi Remix) Tony shares, “I recorded [Mariachi Luz de Luna] after bandleader Ruben Moreno transcribed the original song into musical notation and rehearsed the band for weeks. Exotica album producer GLDNEYE meticulously arranged, mixed, and mastered the song. We set out to make a remix that tastefully incorporates traditional mariachi music with our song. By choice, we avoided novelty or a “fusion” sound of genres, instead, we led with respect.”

Carpark Records Black Friday / Holiday Sale

November 25, 2020 1:32 pm

To celebrate our upcoming 21st anniversary and the holidays, we’re having a holiday sale for items on the Carpark shop and on Bandcamp!

Black Friday Sale (Beginning November 27th and ends November 29th):
– 21% off EVERYTHING on the Carpark Shop
– 20% off EVERYTHING on the CarparkCompany & Wax Nine Bandcamps
(w/ code: CARPARK21st!)

Holiday sale (Beginning November 30th and ends December 15th):
– 10% off EVERYTHING on the Carpark Shop
10% off EVERYTHING on the CarparkCompany & Wax Nine Bandcamps
(w/ code: CARPARKholiday!)