MADEIRA Bad Humors


Sep 23rd, 2016

Pain is unavoidable. Hurt is a hurdle of unknowable difficulty. MADEIRA’s Bad Humors is about dealing with those problems by letting go of negative thoughts and embracing the wealth of positive possibilities. After touring the world with Yumi Zouma, the group she co-founded, Kim Pflaum left the band and moved to the seaside city of Auckland, New Zealand. The transition gave her plenty to write about. Thus, Pflaum started writing songs as MADEIRA, a solo project that began years earlier. New to Auckland, she spent her time songwriting—a way to figure out the past to make sense of the future.
The result is Bad Humors, a collection of brilliantly composed songs featuring irresistible melodies and lucid production. It’s a rich blend of electronic pop encompassing late night ballads like the comedown closer “Parquet” and the sunset party of “Let Me Down.” The latter track received acclaim as a single on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label. The grooves on Bad Humors take their shape from a new pop twist on the tropical disco of Balearic beat. Though there is a sense of dark territory, MADEIRA also projects serenity. “Come On Thru” is an appropriate opener, an earworm plea to understand changing loyalties, and “trying to move on but don’t want to.” But the song’s protagonist breaks ties to realize they’re better off.
The EP’s title comes from the ancient medical practice of bloodletting, which was a method of draining blood with the intent that bad feelings, emotions, “humors,” would also leave the body. Pflaum noticed this procedure mirrored the process of making the MADEIRA songs. “I created these songs to make sense of the painful experiences they deal with,” Pflaum says. “By completing and releasing the songs, I feel I am somewhat ridding myself of what has been ailing me, letting go.”


1. Come On Thru
2. Let Me Down
3. Manipulator
4. Oracle/Horoscope
5. Parquet


Other Info

North America:

• North American publicity by Grandstand
• College radio promotion by Terrorbird
• EP pressed on violet vinyl
• Former Yumi Zouma frontwoman’s solo debut
• Vinyl includes free digital download

EP: 677517011616
CD: 677517011623
Digital: 677517011654

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Photos by: Garth Badger
MADEIRA by Garth Badger

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Artist Bio

MADEIRA is Kim Pflaum, a multi-hyphenate if there ever was one. Aside from songwriting, singing, and playing a variety of instruments, Pflaum is a graphic designer, music video director, writer, illustrator, and animal activist. Music became a major part of her life growing up in Christchurch, New Zealand. “As an introverted kid, music helped me express my emotions and frustrations when I didn’t know how else to cope,” Pflaum says. In 2013, she co-founded Yumi Zouma as lead singer and co-songwriter. Before leaving the band at the end of 2014, the group would tour the world and play concerts with artists including Lorde, Chet Faker, and TOPS. Now as a solo act with full creative control over her art, Pflaum has taken the opportunity to grow in new directions and experiment.
MADEIRA began before Yumi Zouma as an outlet for escapist songs about fantastical vacations and holidays. After years of globe-trotting and starting over again with a move to Auckland in 2014, returning to MADEIRA was restorative. “I saw music as an escape,” Pflaum says, “a way to take a break from my hectic life and just relax, to let music soothe and heal me.”
Bad Humors, her debut EP with Carpark Records, is her first new music since collaborations with Boycrush, Brett, and Cyril Hahn. With grace and melody, these five songs tackle heartbreak and betrayal, and offer a critique of performance artifice. These are songs of elevated synth-pop, of growth and change, of letting go and not holding back.