Speedy Ortiz Announces ‘The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker… Forever!’

Speedy Ortiz Announces ‘The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker… Forever!’

October 13, 2021 12:08 pm

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Speedy Ortiz is releasing a reissue of the very first self-released and home-recorded songs by Sadie Dupuis that kicked off the project, on a 2xLP called “The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker…Forever”
Featuring entirely remixed and remastered contents of Cop Kicker EP, The Death of Speedy Ortiz LP, the 2xLP will also include previously unreleased bonus tracks, reflective liner notes penned by Dupuis, and unearthed photos and journal scans from that era.
Out today is their single “Cutco” with a music video directed and edited by Sadie Dupuis. The video is a shot for shot remake of The Blair Witch Project… with a delicious twist.

Head to our link in bio to pre-order/watch/listen here: https://found.ee/so_deathof

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