The Beths Releases Early Demos on Cassette Tapes for Bandcamp Friday

The Beths Releases Early Demos on Cassette Tapes for Bandcamp Friday

May 7, 2021 10:54 am

As a special treat to fans, The Beths is releasing limited edition cassette tapes filled with demos of fan-favorite tracks and hidden gems from their entire catalogue. The songs are a mix of full band and solo recordings by the band’s lead singer Liz Stokes and show off the origins of classic songs like “Future Me Hates Me”, “Happy Unhappy”, “Jump Rope Gazers”, and many more. These early drafts of their music cut right to the center of their compelling and masterfully crafted melodies and arrangements that have hooked listeners over the years.

This release will hopefully be an exciting and rare offering to fans of The Beths this Bandcamp Friday.

The demo cassette tapes will only be available on Bandcamp and are limited to 500 copies. 150 tapes will be released at midnight (EST) on May 7th and the rest will be available to purchase at 9am (EST).

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